Skydiver Speedflying Week

Speedflying beginner course especially for skydivers.

The course starts in:



Learn to speedfly safely

This week is especially for skydivers who want to learn to speedfly without having to learn paragliding first. In Switzerland, Austria and Italy you must have a paragliding license to legaly speedfly. We know some good speedflying pilots that never learned to paraglide and speedfly for a long time now. But we also heared of many accidents from skydivers trying to teach themself or learn from friends. This is why we run this speedflying beginner course for skydivers without paragliding experience. So you guys get a chance to learn this sport safely. Obviously you are not officially allowed to fly in those 3 country afterwards, but in France and most countries in the world you can still speedfly legally.

In this course we start with some very basics. We will start with groundhandling and kiting, then go on an easy hill for the first flights. For the first bigger mountain flights we choose easy take offs and landings and we fly with bis sizes speedwings first. We will make you feel ready to fly down a mountain, before we send you out, don’t worry:-) In Speedflying fear is your Mentor. If you are scared of something, it means you are not ready for it.

During the week we will fly different locations and teach you about the winds in the mountains. We will give you as much knowledge as possible, so you have a basic understanding of the wind systems in the mountains. This is important for speedflying , paragliding and basejumping as well.

During the week you will likely downsize already or at least try some different speedflying wings, so you get to know the latest gear and know what suits best for your skills and needs.

There is a good chance we get to train or fly everyday. But we could also have a day or two rain, then we can use them to make some theory and analyze videos. We have so many places we can fly here, that we almost always find one:-)

Goal of the course

We want to teach you the basics and give you enough know how that you can safely progress alone or with friends afterwards.

These are things we talk about; Glide ratio, best glide, stability, collapses, trimmers, angle of attack, stall, proximity flying, barrel rolls, swooping, weather, wind systems, flight planing, safety.

Things we learn during the course; kiting, no wind take offs, strong wind takeoffs, landings, adjusting trims, wing-overs, barrel rolls.


200 skydives or more


  • You must have an accident insurance that covers speedflying!
  • You must have a 3rd party insurance that covers speedflying!
  • In Switzerland speedflying is considered a Risk-Sport. This means in case you get hurt and can’t work, they can cut your salary by 50% for the time off work.


  • We suggest to rent a wing for the course and buy one after the course or during the course. Wing rental is 70 CHF/day. If you buy one, you get 35/day back and taken off the price.
  • Harness; If you are committed to learn this, buy a harness at the beginning of the course. Choice isn’t huge and you will quickly see what’s best for you. You can also rent one, that’s 20 CHF/day.
  • Reserves; We wan’t need a reserve every day. You can rent one for 10 CHF/day or buy your own. It makes sense having one for training barrel rolls later. But of course for proximity flying nothing but your skills can safe you from getting hurt.


Accommodation and food is not included in the course. However we are happy to help to organize an apartment for those who need one, so you get to stay with your buddies. If it won’t be an Airbnb, Interlaken offers many cheap backpacker hostels.

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