Dolomiti AssToGrass Week

Speedflying footlaunch course. Only for pilots with previous footlaunch experience.

The course starts in:



Kronplatz is offering us really nice proximity flying terrain with easy cable car access from both sides. There are steep lines for speedwings to the north and flat lines for moustaches on the south side. If you want you can do more than 10 flights a day with 1000m asstograss. This is why Bruneck is our base, where we stay. This year we also plan to fly other lines in the Dolomites, there are many more great skipists that seem made for asstograss with speedwings or moustaches. Most of them are unknown and have never been flown yet apart from us. Some of them we can use cable cars, some we might have to shuttle with the van.

If weather allows us, we stick to the Dolomites all week. If it’s to much Northföhn, we can take the 1.5h hour drive to Austria to speedfly there, or we rent some Downhill bikes and ride the famous trails from Kronplatz for a little change. But chances you are tired from too much flying and you just want to relax and recover energy for a day are huge, so we might as well just hang out in the famous huge Spa Cron 4. This Spa center offers more Saunas then one can take in a day.

Speedfly some of the coolest lines out there and spend a great week with other like minded people.

We plan to drive down from Interlaken on Saturday around lunch time and plan to drive back Sunday lunchtime, so we can still fly Sunday morning.


Flying asstograss all week and fly many new exciting and unknown lines in the dolomites.


We want you to have a solid take off and landing technique on your speedwing. This is not a beginner course, we focus mostly on flying techniques and new lines, not on basics. You should have at least 100 footlaunch flights on your speedwing.


You need to have your own liability insurance for speedflying. And we strongly recommend you to have a accident insurance that will cover speedflying as well.


  • The north side is steep enough to fly the smallest speedwings. However, most important is that you are comfortable with your size wing. If your on a too small wing, you won’t dare to fly close to the ground.
  • High shoes obligatory! Protect you ankles with proper boots!
  • Bring a reserve if you wanna practice barrel rolls. Yes you can glide out and make plenty of barrel rolls instead of going asstogras.
  • Bring a Bantam or other miniwing for the southside.


We are renting a AirBnb close by and share the costs. If you wanna stay in your van, you can. Normally you can stay on the carpark from the cable car without getting hassled. The Airbnb is about 20-25 euros per night / person.

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