Come and try most Niviuk products here!

All products we currently have in Interlaken

We are now an official Niviuk testcenter!

Did you know all Niviuk products are developed and tested in Switzerland?

Why does Speedflyingschool have a Niviuk Test Center?

Our philosophie of #productsnotbrands hasn’t changed and we keep selling all brands that want us as a dealer and sell the best of the best products. We are big fans of Niviuk wings for many reason; 

  • Allmost all Niviuk wings use very modern airfoils, with the lift far in front. This makes paragliders more collapse stable. Less collapses, less problems. Some pilots think that collapse stable wings collapse later, but more brutal, thus are more dangerous. This might have been the case one day, but is sure no longer true.
  • Performance; Niviuk’s wings are known to have topnotch performance, specially in moving air. There aren’t many brands that have the knowledge and skills to keep up in the PWC with CCC wings.
  • Performance isn’t everything for Niviuk. They spend a lot of effort to make their wings easy, accessible and safe. Pull some collapses and see yourself. 
  • Pitch stability; Niviuk wings are well balanced. All of Niviuk’s A and B wings are almost impossible to pitch them so far forward that they frontal (induced pitching with toggles) Normally only the tips come in and the leading edge gets a little soft. This shows they are pitch stable and also shows they have very stable airfoil that doesn’t want to collapse, even in very low AoA. Yet in flight all Niviuk wings are not rocking back all the time when entering lift. They still pull forward a lot, which is good for performance.
  • Niviuk Handling; All Niviuk wings are rather rolly and sensible to weightshift, which makes them very turn friendly. Even the high aspect ratio wings are easy to turn. All Niviuk wings have a similiar feeling. The brake pressure is rather firm and all wings have a low stallpoint and need a strong pull before they stall and so clearly warn the pilot. We think this is a big safety plus.
  • Niviuk gear is on the cheaper side here in Switzerland, compared to other brands. Yet they still deliver all wings with Nitinol rods, which make sure you spend more time flying than you need for packing them. And they also keep your leading edge tensioned the same throughout the lifespan of your wing.
  • Niviuk wings are simple without any unneeded marketing gimmicks. No winglets, not unneeded holes, simple line layouts. Yet Niviuk is very modern and has among Ozone the most experience in building 2-Liners. Niviuk has already built a 2-Liner with aspect ratio 6.5 10 years ago….
  • Niviuk is a growing brand that just invested a lot in a new harness production. Expect many new harnesses from Niviuk soon.
  • Last but no least Niviuk’s R&D chef Oliver Nef has been designing paragliders for 25 years, he already worked at Advance and other brands long time ago. 

Here is a list of all Niviuk products we currently have here in Interlaken for you to try. 

NiviukKode P12Very sensitive to weightshift, super reactive. Short brake travel. Lightest normal double surface paraglider on the market. For sure one of the safest miniwings out there.
NiviukKode P14Very sensitive to weightshift, super reactive. Short brake travel. Lightest normal double surface paraglider on the market. For sure one of the safest miniwings out there.
NiviukKode P16EN-CVery easy to fly and safe miniwing. Good option for first time miniwing pilots.
NiviukKode P18EN-A, EN-B & EN-CStill superlight and fun, but big enough for easy take offs. More nervous than size 20. A good option for super light pilot as beginner wing in bottom weight range (certified EN-A)
NiviukKode P20EN-AGreat size for lighter pilots that still want a normal size wing to fly thermals.
NiviukKode P22EN-AGreat size if you wanna still thermal. The most rolly size.
NiviukKode P24EN-AGreat size if you wanna still thermal well and your more then 75 kg.
NiviukKode P26EN-AGreat size if you wanna still thermal and your more then 85kg.
NiviukHook 622EN-BAmazing "low-B" wing in pink for girls!
NiviukHook 6 P20EN-AAmazing "low-B" wing for light pilots!
NiviukHook 6 P22EN-AVery fun and safe "Low-B" wing. Certified en EN-A.
NiviukHook 6 P24EN-AVery fun and safe "Low-B" wing. Certified en EN-A.
NiviukHook 6 P26EN-AVery fun and safe "Low-B" wing. Certified en EN-A.
NiviukHook 6 P28EN-AVery fun and safe "Low-B" wing. Certified en EN-A.
NiviukIkuma 2 P22,26EN-BVery safe but still really performant High-B wing.
NiviukKlimber 2 P21EN-DCrazy light 2-Liner wing. The lightest Xalps wing in the market
NiviukTakoo39EN-BSmall size tandem.
NiviukArtik R21, 23, 25, 27EN-CThe new generation of Sport class wing. High performance with a 2 liners wing feeling and the passive safety of a real EN-C.
NiviukPeak 621, 22, 24EN-DSafe and stable EN-D wing with crazy performances and top speed. The best race or XC machine if you don't want to fly a CCC wing
NiviukTakoo39EN-BSmall size tandem.
NiviukRoamer 2M, L, XLUltralight reversible harnessSurprisingly comfortable, XL suits really tall pilots too.
NiviukRoamer PM, L, XLUltralight string harnessGood option also for groundhandling and speedflying and speedriding.
NiviukArrowS, M, L, XLXC PodharnessComing soon, Size XL won't be available before April
NiviukArrow PUltralight PodharnessComing in Fall. Coming from the Arrow harness, in a super light version but still being durable.
NiviukDrifter 2Competition and XC podharnessComing end summer/fall. The pure comp harness with all the new technologies and at the top of aerodynamical optimisations. Still durable with a look of standard comp harness. Eeasy to use compared to inflated new comp harnesses.