Wir bieten verschiedene Kurse für alle Fähigkeitslevel an.

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Wir bieten verschiedene Kurse für alle Fähigkeitslevel an.

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Mit über 14 Jahren Erfahrung in diesem Sport sind wir Experten und finden für dich den richtigen Schirm!

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Today speedriding in Zermatt with the campervan week.
Day nr. 6, another bluebird speedriding day.

Tom Uhlir's landing on the damm in the campervan speedriding week. Landing on a long straight flat landing is easy, no? Maybe easy, but really scarry
This is one of the most special landings i have done.

Wanna do a SIV (SIKU) this season? We even have pink Life jackets for the girls😀🚀
Check out speedflyingschool.com/siku

Mathias Taler learning to kite with his 12m Bantam. The Bantam is a great Hike and Fly wing, a speedwing and a kite😊

Erster Fallschirmspringer am Schnuppertag ohne Gleitschirm Erfahrung. Er hat den flachen Landeplatz vermisst😀

Just got the Ozone Fazer 4 12 and 14m Demos. Very easy and forgiving speedwings. Super stable, no overshooting and no more hanging back. In my opinion the easiest speedwings out there. Big trimmers make them go really steep too.

Also i have Demos of the Sea Wings Skydart (12&14) and Speedfever 9 and 25 (tandem). Also a speedy gonzales tandem in 32m.
They are half the price from all other wings or even less. Build quality is great too.

Finally after 4 month waiting all Nova Bantam sizes again as Demos here. Don't use it for hike and fly, it's got way more to offer😀 ...

Hike and Fly? No Thx. Kite and Fly😎 ...

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Small wings, big smiles.

Have you ever flown a small wing and tasted the unbelievable feeling of this speed and precision? Did you know that you can do wingovers, spirals and barrel rolls as high as you want on a speedwing without having to worry about unloading the lines and getting a collapse? Imagine having a paraglider you can pull the brake toggles as you like and throw the wing around without any risk of collapsing. Sounds great right? That’s how most speedflying wings are! Wanna try a half barrel roll? Go for it! You can do it safely, the wing is just gonna fly a 180° turn afterwards, that’s all. Flying miniwings and speedwings doesn ’t have to be extreme and dangerous. The wings are very safe, it’s the pilot who makes it a safe or dangerous sport. It’s your choice. You choose the amount of risk. 

Immer das aktuellste Material & die richtige beratung


EN D Gleitschirme

Nova Bantam

2,990.00CHF 2,590.00CHF

Speedflying Schirme

Swing Mirage RS Plus


Speedriding Schirme

Swing Spitfire 2 Plus


EN C Gleitschirme

Ozone Alpina 4


Speed Tandems

Level Wings Speedforce

2,790.00CHF 2,400.00CHF

EN B Gleitschirme

Skywalk Tonic 2

3,290.00CHF 2,290.00CHF

Speedflying Schirme

Level Wings Flame Light


Learn to fly with us

The SpeedflyingSchool is different in many aspects. We are not just another paragliding school. We teach you how paraglide in 3 weeks. Instead o spreading out your lessons over many month, we keep it together in 3 weeks. We teach you as much as everybody else, probably even way more. Getting your licence in 3 weeks has many advantages for you: It’s the most efficiant way, you spend less of your value freetime for it. It’s the most fun way, since you get to know everybody really well in those 3 weeks. Everyone in the class will have the same experience, so we can choose the location and flights according to your level. And since you fly everyday, your confidence will be much higher then otherwise. You will have more fun and less fear in the air. Hanging on a piece of nylon on tiny strings will feel totally natural after those 3 weeks. Thats when the fun of flying really starts!