AssToGrass Campervan Tour

Speedflying footlaunch course. Only for pilots with previous footlaunch experience.

The course starts in:



This week is a dedicated Flare Moustache week. We are flying asstograss lines that work well with Moustaches. We will likely be flying in Austria and Italy. The choice of locations and lines will be based on the weather. If you like our Moustache asstograss videos on youtube, you will love this week.


Flying asstograss all week and fly many new exciting and unknown lines in Austria and Italy. Find out why it’s so exciting to fly wings as big as 13 and 15….


We want you to have a solid take off and landing technique on your Moustache. This is not a beginner course, we focus mostly on flying techniques and new lines, not on basics. You have to be and experienced Moustache pilot or speedwingpilot (in case you don’t have your own Moustache yet)


You need to have your own liability insurance for speedflying. And you must have a health insurance that covers speedflying.


  • You need to fly a Moustache in this week. If you don’t have your own yet, you can rent one.
  • High shoes obligatory! Protect you ankles with proper boots!
  • Bring a reserve in case we glide out and practice barrel rolls


You need to have a Campervan, this is a campervan week. If you don’t own one, you can rent one from companies like Indie campers or privat owners that rent theirs out.

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